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Proctor and Gamble acquires Black Wowned company, Mielle Organics


Mielle Organics


Proctor and Gamble acquire Mielle Organics to help Black women get better beauty and hair care. Mielle Organics CEO, Monique Rodriguez said “From the moment we stepped into P&G, we saw a diverse team of leaders who share our values and vision for innovation, education, and community empowerment.” She even discussed seeing many Black leaders in pivotal roles, especially in hair and beauty care for Proctor and Gamble. 

Proctor and Gamble own other companies, such as Pantene, Tide, and Always. 

One of the most significant concerns that Black consumers have is whether or not their hair products will be the same after being sold to a major conglomerate. 

The last time there was an uproar like this was when Unilever acquired Sundial Brands, which houses the brand Shea Moisture, in 2017. 

Recently Mielle Organics was under fire for selling out in stores, not even to their own doing, but because of a viral TikTok trend about their rosemary oil. 

But it is safe to say that since this acquisition has been under review for some time, Monique Rodriguez was not lying in her statement on Instagram about their formulations not changing.

The company will still be ran by founder and CEO Monique Rodriguez, and her husband Melvin Rodriguez as the COO. 

There will even be a $10 Million match between Mielle and Proctor and Gamble for Mielle Organic’s Mielle Cares, their non-profit that focuses on the advancement of education and economic opportunities within the Black and Brown communities. 

Let’s see what will come next with this acquisition.