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The 2023 Super Bowl will make history as two Black quarterbacks face off for the first time




As the NFL season comes to an end fans prepare for the always exciting Super Bowl. The teams that will go head to head are Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles. This game will feature more than just memorable commercials and a musical half time show. This game will also be one for the history books as it will be the first time two Black quarterbacks face off in NFL history.

Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs and Jalen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles will go down in history for what will take place February 12th, 2023 during the Super Bowl. Both players have an impressive football history and only continue to add to it.

Hurts has been very vocal about how valuable he considers women to be, so much so that he has hired many women to be on his management team. However, one woman that has played a crucial role is his sports agent, Nicole Lyn. She too will be making history this year as she will be the first woman to represent an NFL player in the Super Bowl.

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