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Fashion tips we should take from ‘Ice Cream” video

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This week BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez dropped their new music video “Ice Cream.” The fashion in the music video was so hot it had the ice cream melting. Both BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez aren’t new to this game of style. If you want to try some tips to look as gorgeous as they did in the video, here are a few.

Nautical Pin-Up

Can we say retro with a modern twist? Selena was rocking soft wave tresses with a red and white striped bustier top 2 piece. And though we can’t go outside just like Selena, wearing stripes or a balconette top can help create the vibe. Try wearing nautical clothes, along with cigarette pants, and open toe heels to achieve this look.

Photo Courtesy of: YouTube user BLACKPINK

Different Textures Fabrics

If you want to make a fashion moment, sometimes cotton can’t do it. There were crotchet tops, leather, and then some in this music video. Adding some satin, faux fur, silk, etc. will help switch up your flair of style in everyday life. Just by wearing a silk top with jeans versus a cotton top will make a world of difference.

Bright Colors

If anything, this video gives you lively and playful colors. They achieved this in their looks with not only their clothes but also their makeup. Change up your routine with a pop of color with eyeliner and eye shadow. If not, a bold lip or wearing colored eyeglasses can do the trick. However, if you’re bold, a monochromatic look from head to toe will have heads turning.

Photo Courtesy of: YouTube user BLACKPINK

Sport Chic

From athleisure to rocking sports team names, it’s clear sporty will always be a vibe. If you want to achieve some of the video’s looks without ironing Phillies on your pants, there is a way. Wearing an athleisure one-piece, like Selena Gomez in the video, will keep you on-trend with the music video. But if one-pieces aren’t your thing, a jersey or fitted cap can work.

Photo Courtesy of: YouTube user BLACKPINK


Wearing, mixing, and embracing patterns like the ladies in the video is a fun way to switch up your style. You can sport floral and even wear polka dots and stripes together. Mixing your patterns will let you realize there are no rules when it comes to fashion. Being bound to do’s and dont’s in fashion is boring, and who said we had to listen to it. BLACKPINK and Selena show us to have fun with what we wear, even if it is a music video.

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