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Does this mask make me look fat?

Photo Courtesy of Amy Owner of WebLuv

Photo Courtesy of Amy Owner of WebLuv


A pandemic is a new experience for most of the world. So, excuse our attire, we were fashionably late. Now that we’ve had some time to get ready our mask game is stronger than ever.

Masks are like underwear. They come in a variety of styles and colors. Not everyone wears them, but they should. Thanks to the grandmas and aunties that have blown the dust off the sewing machines to provide PPE. There are new and creative mask being produced every day. What does your mask say about you?

The Coordinated One

You’ve jumped in the car to only realize you need to change, because your outfit is black but you mask is navy. As the coordinated one you have every color for every outfit. You are that person on zoom whose mask pattern matches their blazer every time. There’s not an occasion that you are not ready for, from the gym to the store you are coordinated when you walk out the door.

Serena Williams image, Courtesy of Serena Williams Instagram

The Statement Maker

Not only does your mask say, “Hi I care about your health and mine.” You are also using your mask as a platform to address issues and make a statement. There are sports themed mask, political mask, and funny mask. In the midst of a pandemic racial injustice has taken the forefront of issues to address. Many have been seen wearing mask that read “Black Lives Matter” or even the names of the lives lost through police brutality. Recently tennis player, Naomi Osaka, decided to use her mask to make a statement. She has chosen to wear a mask with names honoring the black lives that were lost.

Naomi Osaka courtesy of

The “Dude where’s my mask?”

You are not succumbing to the mask over achievers. Instead you are a mask repeater. You wear whatever you get your hands on. Bandanas, scarves, and whatever fabric you can find. The crumbled-up mask in your glove box, the mask that clearly doesn’t match. However, that’s ok, wearing a mask doesn’t have to be a fashion statement. You choosing to keep others safe is good enough.


We are all figuring this pandemic out. It doesn’t matter if it’s fresh out the pack or custom made. Be safe, have fun and WEAR YOUR MASK!