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Black-owned app ‘Beauty Map’ provides assistance with finding local professional services



The beauty industry is continuously changing as it is a lucrative and demanding industry. There are countless products, technologies, and resources that can help the consumer reach their beauty goals. However, with so many options it can get confusing to know where to go for all your beauty needs. Marsha Daily, a Florida based entrepreneur and founder of “Beauty Map,” is working to remove the confusion in the beauty industry,

Daily is very transparent about the work and services she has used to achieve her desired look. As a person that has lived in multiple locations she values knowing which service providers are trustworthy.

This led to the creation of ‘Beauty Map.’ The app will be a directory of beauty providers specific to the users location. It will provide reviews, photos, and scoring. You will be able to find everything from nail salons, plastic surgeons, hair salons, eye care, and more.

Daily’s app is a game changer and exactly what the industry needs. She is also the owner of ShampooMeKids, which provides products that assist with managing and washing kids hair. This entrepreneur is one to watch and support. Download the ‘Beauty Map‘ app today!