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Taliban seizes Afghanistan forcing U.S. soldiers to leave and residents to fear for the unknown


Zabi Karimi-AP


After a two decade war, Taliban has seized the country’s second largest city, Kandahar forcing many to flee their homes for safety in Kabul. 

As the Taliban takes over, the nation’s goal is to make sure an anti-terrorism incident doesn’t happen because the U.S. now faces a renewed threat that Al Qaeda and related international terror groups will regroup in Afghanistan and strike again.

The news came two weeks before the United States was set to withdraw soldiers. The country has little access to food, safety, and barely any shelter after the organization took over all major cities in a matter of days. 

President Joe Biden told the nation that his decision to pull out of Afghanistan was predicated on the war’s original counter terrorism mission ending. The U.S. has been trying to get out of Afghanistan for a while after fighting against the Taliban for a long time.

On Aug. 16, Biden reassured Americans that he was prepared. 

Residents of Afghanistan are now fearing for the future, many have raced to the airport which is one of the last routes out of the country.

The Taliban organization is a militant group that ran the country in the late 1990s. Since their acquisition, they have taken control of Afghanistan’s presidential palace after President Ashraf Ghani left Kabul, Sunday, August 15, 2021.

After taking over Afghanistan, Taliban declared “amnesty” for government officials and vowed to uphold women’s rights under Islamic law where promises were met with skepticism in Washington. 

Back when the Taliban reigned, women were not allowed to attend school or work outside of the household.They had to wear the all-encompassing burqa and be accompanied by a male relative whenever they went outside. They also banned music, cut off the hands of thieves and stoned adulterers.

When the U.S. went in to help Afghanistan  it was more difficult to hold territory and rebuild the nation due to repeated wars that have occurred throughout the years. 

The Taliban has presented themselves in the last couple of years as a ‘moderate force.’ No one one knows what’s to come of the takeover. 

The efforts to get people out of Kabul have been heightened due to the fear and uncertainty of the Taliban regaining control of the capital.