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Virgin Atlantic drops gendered uniforms


Virgin Atlantic


The British airline, Virgin Atlantic, has decided to drop their gender uniforms in favor of allowing their crew to dress in a more inclusive style depending on their own crew members preference. 

The announcement was made on Wednesday.

In the promotional shoot for the campaign, the caption says, “We’ve changed our uniform code to give our crew, pilot and ground teams the option to choose which of our iconic uniforms, designed by Vivienne Westwood in 2014, best represents them 👠 #SeeTheWorldDifferently

This entire campaign was done in partnership with the company’s, “Be Yourself” program which allows for makeup to be optional for women. Also, it allows for women to wear flat shoes while in the cabin instead of the traditional high heels. Lastly, it allows for crew and frontline members to have their tattoos visible. 

In a separate post for Virgin Atlantic, Michelle Visage, an avid supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and mother of an LGBTQ+ identifying child said, “As a mother of a non-binary child and as an LGBTQ+ community ally, I’m proud to be involved in this new announcement from Virgin Atlantic. Let’s change the world – one pressed, fabulous uniform at a time! The world is our runway!”

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