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History of being taste-makers: Supreme steps into the beauty industry


Supreme does their first makeup collaboration with the one and only Pat McGrath. Though this is their first makeup partnership, they are not new to being taste-makers in the fashion industry. Supreme is known for their street style and skateboard culture, but now they’re here to shake things up in the world of beauty.

2020-Pat McGrath

An Ode to the Supreme Red that we all know and love. This lipstick is going to be a velvet matte red lipstick. Though they are hush about the exact release date, it is believed to premiere in Fall or Winter 2020.

Until then, take a trip down memory lane and enjoy some collaboration pieces that Supreme has done through the years.

2017- Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton and Supreme collaboration was able to push Supreme into a luxury brand in the eyes of consumers. Though their lace Supreme into a new age luxury brand. The line also included the perfect mash-up of Louis Vuitton and their staple bags.

2012-Present: Commes des Garcon

Commes des Garcon and Supreme started teaming up in 2012 with the now infamous mirrored logo. They soon after got together for lines after including 2018 fisherman sweaters.

2007- Present: North Face

North Face and Supreme is where skateboards and snowboards collide. Their collaboration made it easy to be stylish and practical. The 2007 launch was so successful that they still do it today.

2002-Present: Nike

With both companies being street brands, it only makes sense. When the first collaboration came out in 2002 with the Air Jordans III and the elephant print, they knew they hit gold. Almost every year after, they put a partnership out.

If anything, Supreme has been able to set the trend and allow others to follow. With them partnering with Pat McGrath, one can only hope that this is the beginning of them entering the beauty industry. For all you know they might make pots and pans with Martha Stewart.