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Laterras R. Whitfield on dating & what’s next for Dear Future Wifey podcast

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Laterras R. Whitfield is more than just the host of the Dear Future Wifey podcast. He is a man who is sharing the love and word of God, a man who speaks on the importance of being intentional, and an example of the favor that comes when you’re obedient to God’s assignment.   

In April of 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, Laterras launched the Dear Future Wifey podcast to document his journey of healing from his relationship struggles and finding love again after being married and divorced.

It’s about finding alignment…God reframed my thinking of what a wife was. Before I was like, ‘Aahh I just want a wife.’ But then as I began to go on this journey I began to deep dive into what purpose was. And so now you start hearing me say, ‘I don’t want just a wife I want my purpose partner,’ and a purpose partner is someone that can come link arms with me and we can fulfill God’s will together.

Laterras R. Whitfield

LIT – Living Intentionally Transparent is the rule that Laterras leads with for his podcast. On the show you can see him discuss his flaws when he was married, cry when he gets emotional, speak in tongues when he’s filled with the Holy Spirit and even shoot his shot at a woman that didn’t make it in the net. Most people would’ve hid that conversation in their heart and told no one, but not Laterras. He used the moment for others to see how to approach a woman, how to respectfully turn down a man and how to handle rejection. This man is “different” as they say.

To live for not just your own gain but for the benefit of others is a gift that Laterras clearly possesses. As a result of his obedience to his assignment the show has become a safe space for guests to share their truths, vulnerability and lived experiences that are relatable to viewers on their quest for love and fulfillment; whether they be in the early or prolonged stages of dating, soon-to-be or already married, or still healing from divorce and loss.

In order to get to death do we part you gotta go back to those soft skills. How does he make you feel? In the bible it says that Samson found a safe place to lay his head with Delilah. Well, become that safe space for that mate and so that’s what I feel like we need to lean more into is safety with our lover.

Laterras R. Whitfield

The show’s viewership is not just around the country but around the globe. Dear Future Wifey ranks No. 5 on Apple Podcasts in the United States, and No. 1 in several other countries, including Jamaica, South Africa, and Kenya. Dear Future Wifey is also the 2023 winner of two Telly awards.

The sixth season of the highly watched podcast had some heavy hitters that stopped by the show. Khadeen and Devale Ellis, Affion Crockett, Brely Evans, Stephan Speaks, Christian Keyes, Jerry Flowers Sr., Former Miss USA Deshauna Barber and many more gave their opinion on the world of dating and marriage. Back in May, Dear Future Wifey broke the internet with an exclusive, two-part interview with Da’Naia Jackson, wife of self-proclaimed relationship guru Derrick Jaxn, who broke her silence for the first time to share her journey of healing after scandal and controversy.  

Laterras has now hit another milestone with Dear Future Wifey with the taping of a live show during Stellar Gospel Music Awards weekend as part of their new Stellar+Experience.

“This is an absolute dream! It’s so exciting to be a part of the Stellar Awards this year; especially, as they make interactive fan experiences a priority,” says Laterras. “LIVE sessions are always a great time, but now we get to add to the faith and fellowship that exists at the Stellar Awards.” When asked if this would be an annual event he said, “Yes, we’ve been talking about that. We’re really looking forward for this to become an annual event at the Stellar Awards so hey I’m looking forward to it.”

The live show from the Stellars features the notable voices of DeVon Franklin, Kevin (KevOnStage) and Melissa Fredericks, Bishop Marvin SappKenny Lattimore and Judge Faith Jenkins LattimoreLexi Allen, and Alexis Kerr

Dear Future Wifey Podcast – Stellar Awards

With Laterras’ huge podcast success the doors of opportunity are wide open. “I’m in talks with some networks about having a reality show about love, but then also I just launched season seven of the Dear Future Wifey podcast. That season is called “Tough Topics” and so we’re going to deep dive into some stuff that people are a little leery to talk about,” said Laterras. He also confirmed that he is working on producing a live taping of Dear Future Wifey at the DMV mega church, First Baptist Church of Glenarden International.

With the purpose being evident, the favor seen and the anointing flowing surely it’s only a matter of time before Laterras finds his purpose partner. When it comes to his dating life Laterras said, “You know I be out here. You know, trying to figure it out. That’s all it is. Shaking trees and seeing what kind of fruit falls out.”

Stay updated with Laterras, by following him on Instagram @laterrasrwhitfield and don’t miss a single episode of the Dear Future Wifey podcast by subscribing to @DearFutureWifey on YouTube.

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