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Bun B speaks out on the Megan Thee Stallion shooting Incident and protecting Black women


It’s 2020 and the fight to protect black women is still on going.

Houston Hip-Hop artist, Bun B, is the latest celebrity to come forward to speak on the Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez drama.

“As an OG in Houston I’m standing up,” said Bun B. “Any time a man hurts a woman that’s obsession.”

If you can recall, Lanez allegedly shot Megan a few weeks ago. To many viewers’ surprise, Megan finally named Lanez as her shooter. She took to Instagram Live to shed light on the incident. “Even though he shot me I tried to spare him,” said Megan.

She also spoke on some reasons why she initially did not name Lanez as her shooter. The main reason was due to the perpetual killings of African American men by police that has shaken the nation from the time of slavery. Unfortunately, Lanez has yet to return the gesture and has not made a statement since the shooting occurred.

Many people have also been calling out America for not protecting Black women as they should. “Nobody is talking about it because [she’s] a black woman,” said Bun B. This is another example of a problem in America that has long been overlooked.