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Tom Brady to start in 10th Super Bowl appearance, most in NFL history




The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Green Bay Packers 31-26 at Lambeau Field on Sunday night and Bucs Quarterback Tom “TB12” Brady punched in his ticket for his 10th Super Bowl appearance.

There’s a saying in sports, “Father Time is undefeated,” but what the world is witnessing with Tom Brady may have some questioning just how true that is. At age 43, Brady will become the oldest player ever to play in a Super Bowl! In his game against the Packers Sunday, he threw for 280 yards and 3 touchdowns. 

Since his age 37 season, “Tom Terrific” has started in four superbowls, winning three of those four after the age of 40. To put it in context, hall of famers Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw are the only other players with 4 Super Bowl wins, and with one more win this season Brady will have accomplished that feat all after the age of 40! Forget about his first three championships, Brady’s last five years alone would make him a first ballot hall of famer.

Sports fans alike have run out of superlatives to describe Brady’s play, so it’s no surprise that the Buccaneers quarterback himself struggled to put it into words.

In an interview with Peter King from “Football Morning in America,” Tom said, “I’m still trying to process everything. I think man, I’ve accomplished all of these things, and…the best part is sharing it with everybody else,” said Brady. “Just seeing videos of my kids jumping around…It’s an amazing feeling.”

It’s safe to assume that one doesn’t become a 6x champion, 4x Super Bowl MVP, 3x NFL Most Valuable Player, and a 14x Pro-Bowler by looking ahead and taking shortcuts. Brady still has a tough challenge ahead of him. The Bucs enter Super Bowl LV as a -3 underdog to the defending champions Kansas City Chiefs, led by superstar QB Patrick Mahomes.

Whether or not Brady does indeed capture his 7th Super Bowl victory, one thing will remain certain. He truly is “The Goat.”