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Black-owned company ‘Dreams and Jammies’ creates inspirational PJs for children of color



Children at a young age need to see to believe. Seeing what is possible allows them to believe and show they are capable. Also seeing themselves reflected in a multitude of positions can have great impact. It is one thing to know the career or title exists, and another to see some one that looks like you attain it.

Dreams and Jammies was developed because of the importance of children needing to see themselves reflected. Simone Edmonson founder and CEO of Dreams and Jammies came up with the idea after she couldn’t find pajamas with a black girl on it. There the vision was born, and she went on to create a company that offers pajamas, bedtime dolls, bonnets, and more.


It is encouraged to create a narrative around the characters on the clothing to inspire your kids as they drift to sleep. Maybe the girl on the shirt is the first black female president, or an astronaut, or an artist. Get creative and let children’s dreams run wild and hopefully as they grow older they will remember to not only dream but to achieve.

Parents can purchase items for boys and girls in a range of styles that all represent beautiful Black children. Be sure to support this Black woman-owned company and give your child pjs that will encourage them to turn their dreams into reality.