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Black Fashion Fair launches its first publication paying homage to creatives


Black Fashion Fair


Black Fashion Fair is releasing its first print magazine, Volume 0: SEEN  featuring a digital archive of photography, essays and more ahead of New York Fashion Week. 

Black Fashion Fair features a range of Black designers started by Antoine Gregory in 2020. The first magazine was created with the support of Innovative glasses startup Warby Parker. 

“It’s been an honor to partner with Black Fashion Fair on their first magazine. Every page is an inspiring testament to their commitment to community and creativity, a belief that Warby Parker shares,” said co-founder and co-CEO Neil Blumenthal.

The 200 page print and four cover release consists of celebrating the Black culture’s influence on fashion with a robust online library of independent designers and Black-owned brands, as well as a marketplace where people can buy directly from them.

Volume 0: SEEN will “pay homage to the oft-forgotten designers and tastemakers who have helped Black creators realize their dreams, reimagine and reconsider the fashion image — the Black fashion image.”

Inside the pages of the limited edition magazine, the work of many creatives like 24-year-old photographer Quil Lemons, former Reebok global creative director Kerby Jean Raymond and luxury designer Brandon Blackwood are featured. 

Antoine Gregory’s Black Fashion Fair showcases the global impact Black designers have had on the fashion world, preserving their immense contributions to an industry that often overlooks or co-opts them without proper recognition.

Volume 0: SEEN can be purchased at and Mulberry Iconic Magazine during New York Fashion Week retailing at $95 with the limited-edition acrylic box set and photo print available for $300.