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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck team up for movie about Nike’s journey to sign Michael Jordan


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Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are coming together to write a movie about Nike’s efforts to sign Michael Jordan in 1984 and acknowledge the two power players within Nike that have changed how people see a brand and an athlete collaboration.

Damon will portray Vaccaro, Nike former executive and Affleck will play Knight, Nike co-founder as well as direct the future film.

Vaccaro Is responsible for signing Michael Jordan to his first sneaker deal and permanently altering the sports marketing world we see today. He helped to make the sneaker industry what it is today by signing athletes like Jordan and Kobe Bryant to multi-million dollar shoe deals with Nike. 

“I don’t think people understood how my career evolved. I wanted the public to know how sneaker marketing started. For better or worse, this is who I am,” Vaccaro told ESPN.

The project will allow viewers to understand how Vaccaro’s relationship with coaches evolved as well as how he got involved with the then minor shoe company, Nike.

This isn’t the first time that Affleck and Damon have teamed up. Previously they worked on “Good Will Hunting” which won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Both also collaborated on another screenplay called “The Last Duel” where they starred in 2021.

The film is currently developing and doesn’t have a release at the moment.